January Vacations are Bad for You

So it was a little chilly this morning, as it has been for the last week or so. I really don’t like the cold, at all….nope. Actually I can honestly say I hate it. This year’s winter has really been messing with my head, even more so than normal. I know I live in Texas so I must always have a jacket handy while I wear tank tops and flip flops 24/7. However, this unusual warm winter, coupled with my vacation to Turks in January, has me begging for Spring to show up. I really think the vacation has more to do with my eagerness for spring than anything else.

My best friend, her co-best friend, her immediate family, myself and a few other of her family members took off to Turks & Caicos in the middle of January for her 30th birthday. It was a trip and a half for many, many reason. When we left Houston it was in the 40’s. I think. It was 4 in the morning so my brain was not quite functioning at it’s normal level. I think I have a picture of that dreadful clock…..

Ok, so at some point I was in the car at 3:30 am. I really need to plan my flights better, geez.

So we get our sleepy behinds on the plane and head to Georgia to pick up the co-best friend, then head to Turks. I do my best to catch a little sleep on this flight because I know I have a long-fun-filled 8 days ahead of me. I sleep a little here and there, get a drink as we get closer, try to nap one more time but I can see land so that is a no-go. I catch this awesome picture of our plane flying over Chaulk Sound right before we land.

And when we got to our rental house this is what greeted us from the backdoor…..

We spent our days doing things like this…..

And this…..

And this……

That poor statue got molested…but I’ll keep those photos off the web!
We also spent our time looking at things like this…
And this…
Don’t worry. No animals were harmed during this vacation!
Yes, I am completely convinced now that it is the January vacation that has me begging for Spring. I do have a tan to maintain, hello!
Here’s to you Jess, Glad You Born!