Finished Reading…..

I finsihed reading Being Henry David by Cal Armistead, last night. I have to agree with Tara over at The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shh…., this book is a little hard to categorize and will leave you wanting just a tad bit more. Having said that, it is still a good book and I will definately recomend it to others. I originally purchased the book to share with my Step-son, but I ended up reading it first. He will read the whole thing in a day, so I don’t feel too bad for making him wait two days before turning it over to him.

This book is about a teenage boy named Hank, or Henry David depending on who he is interating with. He wakes up at Penn Station with only Henry David Thureau’s book, Walden at his side and no memory of how he arrived at that spot. This book with take you through his journey to figure out how and why he is in his current predicament. He meets some interesting and inspirational people along the way. Well they inspired me, at least. The ending isn’t quite what I expected and it definately left me wanting to know more. So maybe we can expect a short story that will tie the ending into a nice neat bow for us?!?!? Probably not, but a girl can hope can’t she?

This book is an easy read. Not a suspensful page turner but your interest will definately be peeked and keep you wanting to read more.

On to the next book…….


Ready For The Rodeo and Missing Football

It’s football time in Houston…… on wait, crap. I mean its rodeo time in Houston. Yeah football sounds better, and Clay Walker sounds better singing that line then I do. Any Texans fans out there?

Er…Ok, so today will be my first trip to the Houston Rodeo this year. I have been trying to protest the rodeo for several years now, but people keep giving me tickets. I am just too cheap to let a good set of tickets go to waste. And I am too jealous of a person to let someone else have them. But I refuse to buy tickets because the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) has become a big corporate event and quite frankly the venue sucks for an event with live musical entertainment. You see, the prices went up when they moved the rodeo to Reliant stadium, which was somewhat expected – even though Reliant holds more people. When they moved the rodeo to Reliant I did attend the first year in its new home I went to see none other than the King himself – George Strait. As is usually the case with George tickets, we had several of us online at moment the tickets went on sale. That is just how it is when George comes to town, so I am used to it. However, once George tickets were confirmed I attempted to purchase other tickets. Fat chance! It is becoming harder and harder to get tickets to the rodeo, unless you want to hang in the nose bleeds. I get really bad vertigo when I am in Reliant Stadium so I try to stick to the lower levels. I have heard a rumor, from a reliable source, several years ago. She told me that the reason you can only purchase tickets in the nose bleeds is because most of the other tickets are reserved for large companies, fan clubs, volunteers, board members, season ticket holders, and performers. I think that is a big bunch of crap, on Reliant’s part. I do not disagree with reserving tickets for people who fit into that category, except for the large companies. I do have problem with reserving such a large number of tickets. Before I started refusing to purchase tickets to the rodeo I would only find tickets in the 600’s, 500’s and on the floor. This means that all tickets in the 100’s thru 400’s have been reserved. Reliant holds over 70,000 people, not counting those who sit on the floor for performances. Keep in mind those who sit on the floor actually have a seat in the stadium and only go to the floor for the music performance. By my calculation that is roughly 11,600 something seats per section. Some sections have more and some have less. This means that only 22,000 or so tickets are made available to the public for each night of the rodeo. The Houston area has over 2 million people, which means only 10% of the Houston area population can purchase tickets to each show. When you factor in the number of folks who travel to the area just for this event, then even less locals are able to attend. The only upside to this situation is that the rodeo lasts for about two weeks and there is a different performer each night. Thus, if you don’t care who is singing at the rodeo, then you can pick the least popular night to get your rodeo fix.

As for the live musical entertainment compatibility issue, I will refer back to my first trip to Reliant to see George. As soon as I was in my seat I noticed two things; all the seats have a crappy view and the sound is horrible. I immediately wanted the rodeo moved back to the Astrodome. The dome is round, of course, so everyone has basically the same view since the stage rotated and their were four screens in the center of the arena. The sound was simply awesome, well as good as it could be for such a large area. Again, this is because the stadium is round. The stage still rotates at Reliant, but I think we are further from the stage. There are multiple screens in the new stadium, which is nice. However, the seats are stacked almost vertically so you feel as though you are looking down into the depths when trying to focus on the performer. Maybe it is just my vertigo issue, I don’t know.

Anyhoot, even thought I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling when it come to Reliant Stadium I am still excited about tonight. Blake Shelton is performing…. yummmmm. He is my new George Strait. I remember the first time I saw him in concert. It was at Reliant at the George Strait Music Festival, and I instantly fell in love. He was about 150 yards and 20 feet below me, but I know he saw me and felt the same exact way!!!!! I am going with my hubby, his friend, and my bestie. She is ready for tonight too, see….

Jess new boots

Get it gurl!

So when I am in Reliant Stadium tonight I will enjoy the show, I promise Blake. However, I will also be thinking about the Houston Texans. I will contemplate how, in just three days, we have lost James Casey, Glover Quinn, Connor Barwin and Kevin Walter. Two of these guys are headed to the same team. Do the Eagles have something we don’t? More than likely it is money. All these guys are worth their weight in gold and I am happy they are getting PAID. But it still hurts to see them leave. I do hope Kevin Walter was released to free up cap money, and that he will be back on the roster soon. Heck, the chick in the boots above just bought her first Texans jersey this year and it was Walter’s. I would like to see her in it again this year because #83 rocks!!! Not as much as #81, Owen Daniels, but still a great player.

It’s almost time to head home to get beautiful for Blake. Y’all have a fantastic Friday!

If anyone can shed some light onto what is going on in the Texans’ camp, please enlighten me.

And Spring Break Begins


My family and I decided to take a quick trip to San Antonio for the first weekend of the boy’s Spring Break. Usually our trips are hit and miss. Meaning some of us enjoy the trip and some of us hate it. This is the first time in history that everyone loved the vacation. The only complaint was the drive. But it was a much shorter drive than our trips to Arkansas so I didn’t really understand that what the problem was. I guess we will have to find a portal and just transport ourselves to our vacation destination. I wonder if they have those on eBay?

I wish.

Saturday was our first full day in town and we actually spent most of it outside of San Antonio and the Serengeti Resort. They were having a Wine and Wildlife Festival. The day started off a bit rough. First Tyler forgot to reload his pump with insulin so we had to turn around and go back to the hotel when we were about halfway to the resort. Then when we got to the resort it was drizzling just enough to make us want to head home. Even this guy wasn’t thrilled with the moisture.


The lemurs were content to stay indoors through the inclement weather.


We planned to just stay there long enough to go through our food/drink and event tickets, but about two hours into the trip the sun decided to come out and play. By this time our boys had taken up residence in the “casino”. Boy did they clean house. At one point Gage was up to several hundred chips. Here is a picture of some of their winnings.


The ladies loved playing Black Jack with the boys. One dealer stopped me to say how well-behaved and personable they were. She even told me, “good job”. Wow! How come the boys don’t act like that at home? I really shouldn’t complain because they are minding their manners when it matters most. Good job guys, Mom is super proud.

Ok, enough gloating….

We were only in San Antonio for a total of three days and nights, so we did as much as we could. San Antonio has tons to offer. It is a city rich in history, great food, and friendly people. We visited the Tower of Americas in Hemisphere park, which was built in 1968 for the World’s Fair. We also visited Market Square for some shopping, the Alamo, Mirror Maze and Lazer Challenge at Alamo Plaza, walked all over the River Walk, and even squeezed in a Ghost and Legends tour Sunday evening. I do believe the tour was one of the high points of our trip. Randy is a great story-teller.

I am really pleased that everyone had such a good time on our mini-vacation. It was nice to spend time together with no school or work worries. The kids next stop for their Spring Break is Mimaw’s house. I must admit I am looking forward to a few kid-free days.

Teenagers…. oh my!

So I have two teenage boys who I am sure are becoming less mature each day. So last night I chose to leave the boys at home so I can visit a friend. I thought this would be an easy event, but I was wrong. When the boys and I got home I instructed them on what needed to be done. I didn’t need them to do much in the way of chores but I did need them to pack everything for our quick trip this weekend. I stayed until the chores were done, since I figured this particular item on their to-do list would most likely not get done. Once I was satisfied with the vacuuming and sweeping they had done I grabbed my things and headed for the door. I reminded my oldest that his laundry had to be finished so he would have clean clothes to take on the trip. I let him know that my clothes weren’t quite finished in the dryer and to please leave them in the near by basket when he moved  his over. The last thing I said before I shut the door was that they needed to eat in an hour, which would be right around 6 pm.

Then I high tailed it! I wanted just a couple of hours of kid free adult time. The last little bit I could get before we head out today. I love my boys but they have really been working my nerves lately. I thought I would do us all a favor and get some separation before we to spend the next 71 or so hours together.

I am here to tell you that they must have really enjoyed my idea and used the free time to do absolutely nothing. I had to call my diabetic son around 6:45 pm, to make sure he had eaten and to find out how his blood sugars were doing. He hadn’t even thought about eating. I instructed him to immediately feed himself and let me know what his blood sugar was before he ate. I left the conversation at that since I could already tell I would not be a happy person when I returned home. If the boy could be bothered to feed himself, then him and his step-brother must be occupied with doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, like watching TV. You see, both my boys thought it would be a great idea to bring home progress reports with C’s and D’s. How did they get those C’s and D’s you ask? Simple, they just didn’t feel the need to turn in some of their assignments. Zeros are never tolerated in our house. C’s and D’s are only acceptable if they are having a hard time in a particular subject, but only after going to tutorials and studying. None of those applied to either child for this particular progress report.

When I returned home I found that my oldest hadn’t moved any clothes around in the washer and dryer, my youngest hadn’t packed his bag with the clothes I had already approved earlier, and I could tell the TV had been recently on. I let them know that I was completely disappointed with them for doing NOTHING while I was gone and that they will continue to be under 24/7 adult supervision for the rest of their lives.

The trip is today and I am dreading it. I do not understand why I have to hold the hand of a 13 and 15 year old in order to get them to do what they are told. At this rate I am afraid they will never be able to move out of my house when they become adults. It will not be from my lack of instruction, but from their complete laziness.

I know I can not be the only one with brain-dead teenage boys…… am I?  Anyone…….anyone…

January Vacations are Bad for You

So it was a little chilly this morning, as it has been for the last week or so. I really don’t like the cold, at all….nope. Actually I can honestly say I hate it. This year’s winter has really been messing with my head, even more so than normal. I know I live in Texas so I must always have a jacket handy while I wear tank tops and flip flops 24/7. However, this unusual warm winter, coupled with my vacation to Turks in January, has me begging for Spring to show up. I really think the vacation has more to do with my eagerness for spring than anything else.

My best friend, her co-best friend, her immediate family, myself and a few other of her family members took off to Turks & Caicos in the middle of January for her 30th birthday. It was a trip and a half for many, many reason. When we left Houston it was in the 40’s. I think. It was 4 in the morning so my brain was not quite functioning at it’s normal level. I think I have a picture of that dreadful clock…..

Ok, so at some point I was in the car at 3:30 am. I really need to plan my flights better, geez.

So we get our sleepy behinds on the plane and head to Georgia to pick up the co-best friend, then head to Turks. I do my best to catch a little sleep on this flight because I know I have a long-fun-filled 8 days ahead of me. I sleep a little here and there, get a drink as we get closer, try to nap one more time but I can see land so that is a no-go. I catch this awesome picture of our plane flying over Chaulk Sound right before we land.

And when we got to our rental house this is what greeted us from the backdoor…..

We spent our days doing things like this…..

And this…..

And this……

That poor statue got molested…but I’ll keep those photos off the web!
We also spent our time looking at things like this…
And this…
Don’t worry. No animals were harmed during this vacation!
Yes, I am completely convinced now that it is the January vacation that has me begging for Spring. I do have a tan to maintain, hello!
Here’s to you Jess, Glad You Born!

Lets see how this goes……..

Ok, so I have thought about this for about two seconds and while it still sounds good, I will start a blog. I feel that my life has taken some crazy turns and is still traveling down and unpaved, never before discovered, pot-hole filled road, so why not share it with anyone who is willing to listen/read. I am totally new to blogging, so please bear with me. I will make mistakes but please be nice when you point them out to me. If you aren’t so nice, then I can not promise to not go all “North Shore” on your ass.

More to come, stay tuned……