Parents of chil…

Parents of children with Type 1 diabetes are extremely susceptible to burnout due to sleep deprivation and constant worry.

The quote above is from KC & Co and her thoughts on T1 burnout. She really hit the nail on the head there. I mean, I don’t even have T1 but I feel so worn out from it. I look forward to the day when my T1 son is ready to move out and I can sleep through the night. Or so I think. I am sure it will take me a long time to sleep through the night. I will constantly fight the urge to call and check on him. To call him non-stop around 3 am to remind him to take a night time reading. You know…. just incase! I am sure my son is looking forward to me letting go and letting him live as he wishes.

I am not sure which keeps us caretakers awake more, the worry or the actually low blood sugar. We dread the late night low, but when it doesn’t happen we just sit and wait. We know it will happen eventually, we just arn’t sure if tonight is the night.

I often times wish that I had the disease instead of my son. But sometimes I feel like I do, just minus all the finger pokes. I am sure he would diasgree, because he does have it way worse than I do. He is so inspiring, because he really does take it in stride. And bless him for talking to anyone who will listen to him rattle on about T1.

Diabetes sucks!

But my son rocks!!!


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